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    Tricks for Energy and Gas Cost savings

    Now that winter approaches, it's time to think about saving money on your energy expense. If you already made the switch, you are most likely wondering how to accomplish those gas cost savings. You probably know these pointers and even have used a couple of to your everyday life, resulting in terrific gas savings.

    In the Kitchen

    - By making use of ceramic or glass meals, you can reduce your oven's temperature about 25 degrees, since ceramic or glass dishes heat faster.
    - Rather than always implementing your oven, consider utilizing the microwave or even a crock-pot. Sometimes, they are more energy efficient.
    - When baking or preparing something in the oven, do not open the door. Every time you unlock, you lose between 25 and 70 degrees of heat. It's much better if you check out the glass.
    - Since your dishwasher utilizes hot water, set it to 120 degrees or on a low setting. Also, turn it off after the cleaning and rinsing cycle and let the dishes air dry or dry them yourself with a towel. The heat to dry your meals raises your energy bill.



    - Use the shower rather of the tub. Showering is more affordable than taking a bath.
    - When you install a low-flow accelerator in your shower, it appears like you're getting more water, when in fact you're getting less.
    - Use an insulating blanket around your hot water heater. This blanket will assist keep the heat in.
    - Don't let the faucet run while you're shaving or cleaning. Do not waste this valuable resource!
    - Set your water heater to "on vacation" mode, if you are going to be away from home for a number of days.
    - Make sure pipes in unheated locations are insulated. This will keep your water hot.

    Washer and Dryer

    - Use cold-water detergent and wash and rinse your clothing with cold water. Think of all the loads you wash in hot or warm liquid throughout the year. This will save you a lot of money on your energy costs.
    - Wait until you have a full load to clean. It will save you time and energy.
    - Do not overload your dryer. When clothing have room to topple, they dry quicker and your dryer utilizes less energy.
    - Do not overuse the dryer. It wears your clothing out and you spend more energy. Instead, set the timer in the clothes dryer.
    - Clean your lint trap after every load. This assists the air circulate better and dries the clothing much faster.